Our story is a quite a fast paced journey! Founded by Brian Dodge, a YouTuber who started off playing mobile games obsessively, posting videos daily quickly transformed into a businessman – by providing structure and consulting to his friends in the YouTube industry to help build a brand for themselves as well as, collaborate with the brands they loved.
After years of work, many long nights, and many travels later, Brian decided to create an elite energy source to power himself through the long nights.  He quickly realized that this would be ideal for himself and for everyone seeking greater focus to maximize their waking hours. It had to be a pure and simple solution, but at the same time more powerful than other competitors in the space. After speaking to many of Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and professional gamers, Brian came to understand what gamers look for in a quality energy beverage.
Brian then teamed up with Joe Kerwin, an entrepreneur in another sector of the influencer space. Through valuable relationships with athletes and influencers alike, Brian and Joe consulted with them to craft the top nutrition and formulation labs in the country. Altogether, Brian and Joe created a formula for success! After months of testing, in which the Spartan Elite Energy recipe was refined over and over.  Finally, the formula was balanced to ensure every sip gives you the energy, focus, and stamina you need while hydrating you simultaneously. Aside from health, taste was a major priority to fill the void that many “healthy” energy drinks fail to solve. Each serving of Spartan Elite Energy is sugar-free and calorie-free, but still packed with flavor! Alas, Spartan Elite Energy was born! With came its purpose to power the lives of everyone around the world for their own needs to hyper focus through any day’s agenda from work to school to gaming without the crash of other drink competitors.
The Spartan Elite Energy movement has just begun, and with the backing of our amazing talent and yourself!  We have our eyes set on the horizon and have some fast paced and crazy updates being announced in the next few months!
Welcome to the Spartan Elite Army, where we #bleedgold!